When late Dilip Kumar talked about the incident when he found his wife, Saira Banu lying unconscious in the bathroom

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Published by Swathy S on 10 Jul 2021

The legendary actor Dilip Kumar had mentioned in his autobiography about the incident when he found his wife, Saira Banu lying unconscious after falling in the bathroom and how she nearly escaped death.

Dilip Kumar passed away at 98  on July 7 at a Mumbai hospital due to breathing issues and was laid to rest at Juhu Qabrastan, yesterday. The funeral of the actor took place with full state honors. His wife, Saira Banu took to the Twitter and expressed gratitude towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Uddhav Thackeray, the Maharashtra Chief Minister for the state honored funeral for Dilip Kumar.

In his autobiography, ‘Dilip Kumar: The Substance and the Shadow’, he mentioned the incident which happened few months after their marriage. He says in the book that it had hit him hard and even thought that he would lose Saira Banu, seeing her in that way.

Dilip Kumar said in the book that “All was quiet and well as the breeze outside sang its own song merrily. I suddenly awoke to the feeling that Saira was not by my side. I hurriedly got up, looked everywhere possible and then darted to the bathroom”.

“What I saw was a nightmare. She was lying unconscious, her body curled and quite still in a white nightgown, her long braid of hair cascading on the floor. By sheer providence, her head had not been injured. She had missed falling on the basin. As I quickly bent and carried her in my arms to the room, all I could utter was ‘Ya Allah! Nothing must happen to you, nothing must happen now that I have found you.’ Hurriedly, doctors were called and they pointed out that we had made the terrible mistake of shutting off fresh air by closing all windows and since there was a sigdi with burning coal in some part of the cabin, obviously, some of the coal was left unburnt and hence the dangerous presence of carbon monoxide everywhere inside the cabin. It could have been lethal”, he added.

The couple got married in 1966 when Dilip Kumar was 44 and Saira Banu, 22 and have been together for about five decades. And now, she has memories of him to live with.











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