In her latest post, Rupali Ganguly discusses what girls want

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Published by b0lyw0Od on 13 Jun 2021

With each episode of Anupama, the audience has been gripped by the story. The narrative has brought about a significant development that has left fans stunned. Some lockdown restrictions have been relaxed, and the show’s cast and crew have returned to Mumbai. Rupali Ganguly, who is really looking forward to returning, has been updating everyone on her experience with the latest set photos and inspirational sayings. This time, however, she has shared something about what she and the girls want.

‘Dear girlfriends, just want some Sun and fun, and here I am!’ Happy in the light of the sun, but grateful for the gifts, kindness, and love bestowed upon me.’ These photos are from the engagement ceremony for Samar and Nandini. Her saree is a traditional sari in which the border is a colour combination of white and pink. In addition, the actress is wearing heavy jewellery and looks quite lovely. This woman is pretending to be having an onscreen encounter with her onscreen daughter and sister-in-law.

People began leaving beautiful comments on her post almost immediately. “Lovely.”
Additionally, Anupama is granted a part of the house as well. She has been asked to stay with her father-in-law in his home, and his son Vanraj has been asked to stay with his wife Kavya on the upper floor. Kavya was extremely unhappy with the ruling and decided to challenge it. Even after her arrival, she was not accepted in the house; instead, Baa  greeted her first. It will be fascinating to see what happens next, won’t it? Kavya plans to drive their lives into a state of constant misery.

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