“My life has completely changed for the better.” Sania Mirza says embracing her Motherhood.

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 19 Apr 2019

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are one of the best sports-couple out there. The couple got married on 12th April 2010. It was a very controversial marriage as both the celebrities were from the countries who are always against each other. Shoaib Malik is an International cricket player for Pakistan and Sania Mirza is an Internation Tennis Player who plays for India. The two of them though never let the difference ever came in between their love. They even played for their respective countries after their marriage. The couple established their own ‘Happy World’ where there is nothing but only love and respect for each other. The couple also won a lot of hearts in and across the border when they decided to surname their first child as ‘Mirza Malik’, preventing gender biases.

Since her announcement and post-pregnant posts, the fans have been waiting for the child to born. They welcomed their son on November 3, 2018. They named their son ‘Izhaan Mirza Malik.’ In a recent interview with Pinkvilla Sania Mirza talked about how she is handling this new phase of her life and how Shoaib Malik helps her in everything including babysitting.

“A lot has changed after becoming a mother, your life changes, I think the whole focus becomes about the baby and prioritizing the baby. Me as a working woman, I obviously want to get back to tennis, so I am trying to prioritize my time. It is the most selfless kind of love I have ever known, and it is the most amazing feeling I have ever had. My life has completely changed for the better. Ya, Shoaib is also playing quite a lot and is traveling so he does help whenever he can.” She said.

She was also asked about her easiest and difficult parts of her life to which Sania replied, “I think I am embracing it, it is not so much coping. I am embracing everything. It is a new challenge and new things to do. New ideas and new plans, days and nights are now different. Most definitely the easiest part is embracing everything and be there for my baby, loving my baby. I want everything in the world more for him than anybody else. That has been the easiest thing. Nothing really has been so difficult but maybe the night sleep because being an athlete, sleeping throughout the night is something I was used to but now it doesn’t happen that often.”

Motherhood is the greatest joy in a woman’s life and we wish Sania is enjoying her best. Yes, it does come with its pros and cons but at the end of the day, you are nothing but blessed and loved throughout.


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