Lions of Krugar Park and Sabi Sand are freely walking on streets of South Africa, video goes viral

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Published by Shifa Naz on 12 Jan 2019

Lions, the king of beasts…what is the first word that strikes in your mind after listening to their roar, I guess some feel curious, wherein some feel scared but these lions walking down in the streets of South Africa is something that has never happened before. One video is making rounds on the internet which includes four gigantically grown lions from the Kruger National Park in South Africa controlling the traffic of the city.

The commoners who were going on the road which was inside the Kruger National Park is well known for its wildlife safaris. These lions are walking on the road like there it’s nobody’s business and the kind of royalty glimpsing in their walk is something worth noticing.

From tweets to GIF to Memes, all sort of hilarious thoughts Twitterati is putting forward which includes a kind of mixed reaction of people after watching this video. Look what Tweeps have their opinion on this video:

“Someone really should gun these beasts down before somebody gets hurt. If they’re in the jungle, fair enough, but they’re on the road which belongs to the people. Rules are rules.”

“Lol, Clearly Americans only know caging & captivity. This is a very huge area dedicated to wildlife, it’s the humans who have to be in cages/ their cars.”

“It’s a road in a park, Y’all have not heard of Kruger National Park? The lions are in their right to walk in the road, the drivers are trespassing.”

Well talking about the traffic in India, it has become so common for us to face queues of cars waiting behind each other, but if we come across such incidents in India, panic would be the result of after encountering with an army of Lions.

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