Lock Upp: Mandana Karimi curses Payal Rohatgi to die and Payal retaliates by calling her a desperate woman

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Published by vipulsipani on 06 Apr 2022

In the previous episode of Lock Upp, Mandana Karimi and Payal Rohatgi got into an early morning fight. The conflict started when Payal said that she has heard Mandana talk about her early morning yoga, blaming her of making a lot of noise while doing it. When Mandana heard it, she got very angry and denied saying it.

This lead to a fight between Mandana and Payal where Mandana called Payal a loser and said that yoga is meant to keep a person positive and spread peace while she wakes up with a negative energy and spreads it in the house as well.

Payal retaliated by saying that a smoker is preaching about yoga, called her uneducated and even accused her of speaking ill about her own parents.

On being called uneducated, Mandana said , “I am happy that I could not go to the university because I had to work at the age of 14 for my family. I am uneducated because I had to earn for my family. You are no one to tell me.” Payal shouted back at her saying, “You desperate woman, then you will say ‘hinsa’ ho gayi mere sath.”

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