Much In Love Couple, Ileana D’Cruz And Andrew Kneebone Walked Hand In Hand At The Airport

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 18 Sep 2018

Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz and her photographer boyfriend Andrew Kneebone from Australia are madly in love with other. Ileana even calls her boyfriend, hubby without marriage as per known by the media. Recently, the couple papped at the Mumbai airport and walking hand in hand all smiling and we can’t help but notice Ileana how she can’t take her eyes off Andrew.

At the Mumbai airport, Ileana sported a coloured striped dress while Andrew was seen wearing a blue shirt and a pair of denim. They never shied away from the paparazzi and again this time, the couple was all wrapped up with other even after they knew they are surrounded by the media and we can see the happiness just by looking at the actress’s face. Have a look at the much in love couple’s airport pictures where they gave us the goals of how to be in love:

Ain’t it a treat for eyes to see them?

Both Andrew and Ileana are active on social media and posts pictures that are hella cute and shows us how their precious relationship is out of all the speculations. People judge this couple many times and this is a high time to understand that even after they are celebrities, they have all the rights to keep their personal life out of the limelight.

The couple has been dating since years and refuted all the speculations of tying the knot secretly. No doubt, this couple is an example for all of us how to be free even if you are in a relation. On Instagram officials, they both let out the feelings for each other many times by posting pictures.

Take a quick look:

In an earlier interview, Ileana told Hindustan Times, “Initially, I was told to not speak about my relationship. And while I don’t have an issue talking about it, it’s unfair that people are being unnecessarily harsh to him (Andrew). It is unfair to subject him to harsh comments just because I am a celebrity. He is entitled to his privacy and respect and he deserves both in equal measure. He is a great person, and it did affect me when people left harsh comments on my social media posts. But I do give it back to nasty trolls”.

Also, the man, interacted with Instagram users, as part of its new ‘Ask Me A Question’ feature. While answering a question about what is the one thing he dislikes about Ileana but can’t tell her, Andrew reportedly said all in love Ileana, “She looks so damn beautiful all the time… I mean sometimes I can’t get anything done because I just look at her and boom!… two hours pass”.

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