Maanayata Dutt tried topping the fashion trend with an off shoulder top, failed instead.

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 30 Mar 2019

Sanjay Dutt’s wife Maanayata Dutt is trying to set a trend but it feels like she is trying way too hard for it. Her fashion blunders keep on increasing these days. Maanayata Dutt is just another celebrity who keeps making to the headlines for her weird fashion sense. Her Instagram proves everything.

Recently she posted a picture on Instagram of her in an off-shoulder dress with a very weird pattern. She wore it with a belt which made absolutely no sense with the dress. And on the top of that, she wore hot red flip-flops which match her lips. The whole outfit made no sense. If felt like it wasn’t planned according to the situation. It felt like it was something good to go. With the picture, she wrote, “There is nothing better than flip flop weather”

She even shared one more picture. She left us confused with that one too. In the picture, she wore a grey top and mini shorts. To accompany the attire she wears golden heels and extremely big goggles/spectacles. She wore golden heels with such attire and flip-flops with a dress. What is happening? The grey attire is obviously a beach attire and she wears heels with a beach attire that too golden. Whatever it was that she was trying to do, did not turn to be a success. Golden heels with a beach attire wasn’t a smart move at all and rather it turned into a big fail. With the picture she wrote, “A heart at peace gives life to the body”

Maanayata Dutt is an extremely beautiful woman. She is surely an inspiration to many. Yes, there have a lot of blunders when it comes to fashion but we think she will improve it in the future. Also, the thing should be kept in mind is that one should be comfortable in what they are wearing. As long as Maanayata don’t care then who are we to judge right? All we have to say is that she should improve her sense of what goes with what and soon she will be trending the fashion charts.

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