Mahesh Bhatt Is not Happy With Mallika Sherawat As She Used To Share Everything

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Published by b0lyw0Od on 20 Jul 2018

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt says that Mallika Sherawat came to him for Murder which was released in the year 2004.  She came at a time when everybody was mocking and laughing at her. He adds that she had the fire in her, which reminded him of Marilyn Monroe.

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt was left shocked when he learned about actor Mallika Sherawat’s recent revelations that she was “thrown out of projects” for refusing to “get intimate with co-stars off screen”. Mallika said that “men took liberty” and “judged her character” for the roles she played on-screen.

He has produced one of Mallika’s most commercially viable films, Murder. He said, “She never told me about this. I’m quite shocked. I think she was a very tough chick and could really hold her ground and stand up for herself. How dare anyone try to trample upon her and make her some kind of a victim because of his imaginary power?”

More than being shocked, Bhatt says he is “quite surprised” that Mallika didn’t share this with him. “She’d come and tell me about every little problem she would face, and she would seek advice from me. Why would she hide something as horrendous as this from me? Unless she felt that she just couldn’t possibly bring this to my knowledge. In my association of years with her, I never realised that this is what she was battling.”

Recalling the time when he first met her during her initial days, he said that she is and will always be proud of Mallika. “She was one girl who came to me during Murder when everybody was mocking and laughing at her. She had the fire in her, which reminded me of Marilyn Monroe — I am not the most talented, not so good-looking, but I want it the most. Even when I met Mallika earlier this month when she had come to my office, she had the same enthusiasm,” says the film-maker, adding that despite having drifted away to Los Angeles, USA, and now Paris, Mallika always stayed in touch with him.

“That’s because she feels an instinctive trust [with me]. It’s a relationship that endured. And this is planet Bollywood. Yahan par har weekend ke baad rishte toot jaate hain,” he says.

Asked about his views on why Mallika couldn’t make it to the top among Bollywood actors, Bhatt said, “Well, I don’t think she did enough work to command that kind of respect from Bollywood. She had only one film to her credit which is a hit [Murder]. But now, she is doing something on the web and has got a world class product to remake. So, she is still hungry for more. I am happy that she is doing well for herself.”

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