Mahhi Vij reveals daughter Tara was their last attempt at IVF: “Tara was my last try, I had almost given up”

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Published by Aman Shukla on 09 May 2022

Actors  Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali became parents to a baby girl in 2019, and named her Tara. Their daughter has now become a baby influencer, and has more than 2 lakhs followers on her Instagram handle. Indeed, even actress Kiara Advani has admitted to being a fan of Tara, while Kartik Aaryan and Salman Khan have been seen bonding with her. Mahhi has now said that her life totally changed after she welcomed Tara, yet uncovered that the pregnancy was definitely not a simple journey for her.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, she said,  “I had tried IVF when I was 32 (in 2014) but it didn’t click. And then at a certain age a lot of doctors told me I should opt for surrogacy. But Jay wanted to enjoy those nine months, the full period of having a child and going to see the ultrasound every month. He said, ‘I want to enjoy that journey, so this is going to be the last try, after this I’ll not force you.’ Because IVF is not an easy journey, emotionally you feel drained, your health, your mental health, goes for a toss.”

She added, “Tara was our last try, and it clicked. After that even if I was being given 100 injections I wouldn’t feel the pain because I knew that this is for my daughter. Then Tara was a premature baby. That time also, I broke once when she was not leaving the ventilator. But otherwise, I am very positive. I thought she will get better definitely, nothing will happen to her. This is her part where she has to be in the NICU. When you don’t do anything bad, you’re always positive that whatever will happen it will be good.”

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