Mahira Claims BB14’s Pavitra Used Paras; Says ‘I Need To Bring The Truth Out’

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TV starlet Pavitra Punia, who has now become the Bigg Boss 14 contestant, had hit the headlines before she was confirmed for the reality show. She opened up on her supposed ex-boyfriend and made some unusual comments about him.

Paras Chhabra, the Bigg Boss 13 contestant, was said to be Pavitra’s boyfriend some time ago. Pavitra called her relationship with Paras as the biggest mistake of her life. Now, Paras is connected with Mahira Sharma. Mahira and Pavitra have also been co-stars in Naagin 3, but now, the two don’t share good terms at all.

Mahira said in an interview once that she supports the right and the truth always. She added that Pavitra was not a true person. She was dating Paras and some other guy too at a time when she was already married.

”Stop blaming Paras for your shortcomings. I will confront her in Bigg Boss 14 if I get a chance. I need to bring the truth out. As a woman I understand Paras’ integrity. Women can’t keep crying always. Own up to the truth.”

She further said that Pavitra wanted to get fame using her relationship with Paras. Mahira stated that Pavitra was charging Paras for her own faults and she should stop this. Mahira also blamed Pavitra for using her tears to gain sympathy.

She also warned Pavitra Punia that if she joins Bigg Boss, she will make everything clear to everyone that it was Pavitra’s fault. She dated two men while being married to another and Paras was innocent.

Mahira stated, “Stop playing an abla nari, because you are not. Dating two men and being married to one, three timing and blaming Paras. Wow. Scandal is your second name, controversy is your 24/7 mood. Such is your personality. If at all I enter Bigg Boss, I will make sure the world knows the truth.”

Paras too once opened up on Pavitra’s marriage and said that her husband himself messaged him to let him know about their marriage.

Meanwhile, Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra’s chemistry is much liked by the fans in recent times. They have worked together in a music video too, apart from sharing a good bonding in personal life.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 06 Oct 2020

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