Malaika Arora And Jennifer Lopez give us major home workout goals as they join online yoga classes

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When it comes to fitness, there are a few people in Bollywood and Hollywood who take health and wellness very seriously. No matter what, they never skip their gym and fitness classes. Malaika Arora and Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez have given us some major home workout goals as they both joined online immunity-boosting yoga classes.

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Both the divas are using the most of their free time that will help them in the future for maintaining good health. Malaika and Jennifer have registered themselves in special immunity boosting classes that include different home workouts like yoga, meditation and more.

This online course is by a leading fitness company name SARVA, which helps people learn yoga and different fitness activities to maintain a good immune system. The program is at present available in 25 nations. Jennifer Lopez was very happy as the program is available in multiple languages to different countries.

Jennifer Lopez stated, “In the present circumstance, I am happy that SARVA, a main fitness and yoga brand that is from the origin-place of yoga, is helping people by offering online yoga classes.”

Malaika Arora, who is involved in fitness and meditation work, also praised SARVA and DIVA organizations for helping people through yoga in such a difficult situation. Both Malaika and Jennifer’s move toward fitness will definitely inspire other people to take care of themselves.

Published by Ishan Soni on 09 Apr 2020

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