Malaika Arora reveals how trolls affected her parents; ‘I told them to stop reading garbage’

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Published by Simnan on 10 Mar 2022

Malaika Arora previously disclosed that her parents were upset about her being trolled on social media. Malaika Arora grabs the attention unfortunately for all the wrong reasons as the actor has many times become the target of trolls. Be it for donning a revealing outfit or dating Arjun Kapoor who is younger than her,  Malaika gets trolled a lot by random users on social media. In a current interview, Malaika goes candid as she uncovered that her parents were affected by them. The matter reached a point where she had to sit with them and discuss with them to ‘stop reading this garbage’.

In a recent interview with a news portal, she expressed, “My parents would keep saying, ‘beta someone said this or that. And finally, I sat them down and said, ‘Enough! Stop reading this garbage. It is complete BS. Please do not focus your energies on this.”

She said that at the end of the day if her parents hear something it makes them upset. But once she sat them down, that was that. This topic never came up again.

She further added that a lot of trolling was founded on double standards since celebrities in the West are hailed for wearing something experimental, whereas Indians are trolled for wearing something parallel.

She expressed that according to her people are very hypocritical. The same thing if anyone sees on a Rihanna or JLo, people will be like wah, wah. The same thing if Indians do here it’s not acceptable. “People go why is she wearing that? She is a mother. Why be hypocrites? Why have double standards?” said Malaika.

Malaika is presently dating Arjun Kapoor. The couple often faces trolls because of their age gap. Nevertheless, Arjun and Malaika got used to it and give no importance to the trolls and keep treating fans with major relationship goals.

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