Manoj Bajpayee recalls the time once hiding in a women’s washroom as he was too shy to be around girls

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Published by Swathy S on 08 Aug 2021

Manoj Bajpayee and Sakhi Tanwar, his co-star in ‘Dial 100’, recalls the time when Manoj was her acting instructor while Sakshi was a college student in New Delhi. Manoj expressed that he had always known that she had what it takes to succeed in the field and has quietly admired her progress over the years.

Sakshi recalled, in an interview, on how she was spared his anger and Manoj expressed his awkwardness in going to women’s college.

Speaking to journalist Puja Talwar, Manoj said “I remember her from there, and I remember telling her, ‘You should take this very seriously because you are so good.’ And she made me so proud, from a distance. We’ve never kind of conversed on the phone when she landed from there till now, but I have been quietly very, very proud of what she has made of herself. She’s really proved me right about giving her the main role”.

Remembering about the time, he continued, “I’ll tell you another thing, I felt very awkward about going to LSR. It was a girls college, and I am a very shy person. I would be very shy in front of girls. So I would ask a couple of girls to wait for me by the gate. One day, they didn’t show up, so I went across the street and killed time at a dhaba… One day, I entered a women’s loo there. And while I was in there, a few girls came in and wouldn’t leave. So I had to hide there for the coast to clear”.

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