Meera Chopra and Tanuj Virmani were detained as hostage along with 150 cast memebers?

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Published by Vanshika Bisht on 13 Nov 2021

Meera Chopra and Tanuj Agnihotri were currently shooting in Benaras for their film, named “Guddu ki Girlfriend”. The film was supposed to be made for Zee.

But according to the sources, freshly, there has been a tensed situation on the sets of the film because of the producer.

The producer of the film, Illyas Guddu claimed that he ran out of funds, and there is no other financial support.

The lead cast of the film, Meera Chopra and Tanuj Virwani were luckily staying in a different hotel while the other 150 actors and crew members were held as hostage during a film shoot by the hotel.

Among the people who were detained as hostages, Freddy Daruwala, their co-star was one of them.

When actor Sukesh Anand approached  Nupur Alankar, a senior actress for help, she tweeted swiftly tagging the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditya Nath, to kindly look into the matter.

While talking to ETimes, Anand revealed that the hotel did not let us go and there are 8 people who have still not been given permission to leave the premises. Those 8 people are a part of production team and hence there detention is reasonable.

Anand further questioned, Why were we actors, technicians etc locked up? We were certainly not responsible for the producer having run out of money”.

He also said, ‘I don’t think I’ll complete the film. We had a harrowing time’.

While actor Tanuj claimed that he will complete the movie as he started it with fun and leaving it in midway wont be right.

A source also stated that producer Illyas and director Rohit are not picking up the calls. And that the things were going fishy past three days.

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