India’s youngest IAS Officer Creates A Miracle, Scores More Than Total Marks In His Masters At Harvard

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Published by Shifa Naz on 03 Jan 2019

Ankur Garg, who is an IAS officer and also the 1st rank holder in the Civil Service Examinations in the year 2002 has done the meticulous thing which is just beyond our capabilities.

In his official Facebook account, he shared the piece of his happiness through a photo of his achievement on Facebook on December 22 which shows that he scored more marks than the total marks allotted in the final exam of his pursuing master’s degree in macroeconomics course.

On 22nd of December, Ankur Garg gave share a post on Facebook saying: “When I was in school, my father used to say – 10 out of 10 isn’t good enough in any exam. Always strive for 11 out of 10. I hardly understood how that’s done.

In the last phase (possibly!) of student life now, I end up getting this score (171 out of 170) in the final exam of the macroeconomics course. The icing on the cake – it comes at Harvard and is signed by Jeffrey Frankel himself. This one is for you, dad.”


He is currently pursuing a two-year programme on Public Administration in International Development from Harvard University.


He told to Times of India that he expected he might come in the top 10 but never thought of becoming an IAS topper. His dad has inspired him to achieve his dream, becoming an IAS officer was Garg’s childhood dream and he made his dream come true by topping the 2002 UPSC exam. Determined from class 3 and never escaped from his dream all his life.


Garg once in an interview said, ” Engineering was only a stepping stone to achieving that goal, ” In this age of equal opportunity there is no point in putting a blanket ban on candidates from a particular stream, he added. His parents were delighted with the news of his achievement.

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