Meet the priciest dog breeds in the world and they are simply a delight

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 31 Oct 2018

Dogs are known as the man’s best pals. But some of the breeds can cost a pretty penny. We’ve created a list of the most costly four-legged pals that money can buy.

Basset Hound – $1,200

Basset Hounds, with their everlastingly sincere appearance, are the essence of ‘puppy dog eyes’. Basset Hounds always prefer family people.

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Portuguese Water Dog – $2,500

The well-known family dog and former US president Barack Obama’s favorite was used by Portuguese fishermen to aid them to regain lost gear, send letters from boat to boat and flock fish into nets.

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Saluki – $2,500

Also called the Royal Dog of Egypt, Saluki or regal dogs were the top choice for traders moving towards China’s Silk Road, turning them one of the oldest breeds around.

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English Bulldog – $2,500-$3,200

In spite of their glare, these gorgeous pups are really one of the pleasantest breeds.

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Rottweiler – $2,500-$8,000

Lovingly called the ‘Rottie’, these firmly built dogs arose from a breed taken to Germany. Males can nurture up to 69cm high and weigh 132lbs.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – $3,000

This breed was originated exactly to look like the dogs from the courts of the English kings Charles I and II.

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Chow Chow – $1,500+

With their permanent cute smile, what’s not to love about this huge teddy bear? Recognized for their cat-like features, Chows, who can weigh near 70 lbs, are self-governing and don’t like being fretted over.

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Irish Wolfhound – $1,500-$2,000

These gentle giants can grow up to a whopping 89cm in height. In spite of their build, they’re cute and absolutely loyal to their owners

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Bernese Mountain Dog – $2,000

This robust dog was initially utilized for pulling carts and herding cattle in Switzerland but at the moment, this is a very costly pet. They are lovable with kids and can be a little crazy and are keen to gratify. Above all, they’re loving and relaxed to train.

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German Shepherd – $2,500

A highly brainy and talented working dog, this is a favorite among everybody from agriculturists to the police officials. German Shepherds are also brave and affectionate, turning them great for families also.

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So folks, what do you have to see about these beautiful dogs? Tell us in comments.

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