Meet Wali Rahmani, a twenty year old boy who is a father to 23 orphan children

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 13 Jun 2019

As kids, we have absolutely zero ideas what our fathers go through every day for us. They make sacrifices in the silent so that we don’t get affected by it, expresses his emotions in a way that we don’t get and stand strong by our side no matter what. A lot of the time, we do not really appreciate what he does for us but Father’s Day is probably the day to remind us to appreciate his presence in your life. However, being a father is just so much more than just being related by blood. 20-year-old Wali Rahmani, for example, is a father to 23 kids who are not lucky enough to have parents love with them. He is a law student who studies in Jamia Hamdard and also a political activist who started his political journey in April 2017. Over time he truly became a fearless voice against injustice, he found his calling.

In an interview with Indiatimes he said, “In the whole process of raising my voice against all the injustice in the society, I felt that I was alone in this whole country. I realized that the kids of my age (class 12th) were busy partying but I was motivated that I want to do something for society.”

“I thought why not take up 10 children and make them leaders who preach humanity and love. My definition of a leader is not someone who is born a leader and die a leader but someone who creates leaders before he dies. My idea was the same to create leaders before I die.” 

He took a year off after completing class 12 and paid a visit to every slum in Kolkata. Finally, on April 1, 2018, he started his own organization called Umeed (Hope). The purpose and the vision of the organization was the name itself. He said he hoped the kids from the slum will become the hope of this country.

Rahmani also revealed to Indiatimes that he first adopted 3 kids, and in just a span of 1 year, there were 23 kids in the orphanage. Out of the 23 kids, 11 kids are orphan and 12 kids are very poor who didn’t have a roof over them – until Umeed took them in.

He told “At first, when the children came they were malnourished, underweight and now in the span of 1 year if you look at them they look so healthy. We have given them the best dietician, the best of foods like Chawanprash, the best education.”

“The concept was that I want to be a father of 10 kids before I turn 20 and I made it come true. I treat these 23 kids like my children, they all call me Abba Ji. The orphanage has a beautiful environment and I call Umeed as Production House of Leaders. We at Umeed make sure that the kids learn a lot. We provide them homeschooling and their time table is set – 7 am to 7 pm. There are two teachers for every kid. It should not be called social work, it should be called social duty. Ye hamara samajik kaam nahi hai, ye hamara samajik farz hai. Agar kaam bolenge to kaam ki tarah karenge par farz bolenge to farz ki tarah karenge. Money is the last thing that matters to me.” Said Wali Rahmani.

When asked about his relationship with the kids, he said, “It is the most beautiful feeling to be a father of 23 children before 20. Whenever I am sad or in a problem, I just look at the pictures of these kids and I feel better.”

We need more people like Wali Rahmani in society and as our leaders.

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