Minissha Lamba reveals her casting-couch experience when she was invited to ‘meet for dinner’

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Published by Nibedita Goswami on 23 Jun 2021

Minissha Lamba made her debut with Yahaan in 2005 in Bollywood. Now she reveals her experience with the ‘casting couch’ sessions. She tells that she was asked to ‘meet for dinner’ but somehow she could able to handle the situations by agreeing to make the meeting on office only to not to pave way to other institution.

On a conversation with radio host Siddharth Kannan, Minissha Lamba expressed, “I think in any industry where there are men, a lot of men are going to try. This industry is not any different. I definitely have faced things like the person not confirming for the film and saying, ‘Why don’t you meet for dinner? Let’s talk.’ And I am like, ‘No, why don’t we meet in the office? I don’t know about dinner but I am definitely free, we can set up a time and meet in the office tomorrow, if you want to discuss further.’ I have handled it like that. It has not happened much to me to my face. But whenever it has happened, I have handled it in a way where I have pretended not to understand what you are saying.”

on replying to the question about if she was ever faced any halt of being called back after sticking to be professional, she said,  “Yes, one or two times, it happened. And then those projects didn’t take off only.”

She was in movies like Yahaan, Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd, and Bachna Ae Haseeno, and on Raaj Aashoo’s Kutub Minar, she will be on screen

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