Mira Arranges A Special Bash On Zain’s Birthday; Says ‘He’s Obsessed With Anything That Goes Vroom-Vroom’

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Being a mommy is not an easy task to do. A doting mother should be super energetic. Actor Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput is a perfect mommy for her kids. She is only 26 and her whole day passes in taking care of her four years old daughter Misha and two years old son Zain.

The two kids have their birthdays in a gap of ten days. So just after Mira had organized a ‘Peppa Pig’ themed birthday bash for Misha, she had to be ready for another birthday party and that too amid the pandemic period. According to Mira, the little prince of their house is very much fond of the things that sound like ‘vroom-vroom’.

He likes to play with toys like cars, bikes, trucks, tractors, and fire engines. JCB diggers are his favorite toys to play with. After noticing the fondness of the little one, Mira decided to arrange his birthday bash with vehicles and construction. She has shared a bunch of birthday party pics on her social media account.

Mira arranged the party with all her innovative ideas. She has shared her thoughts behind the whole arrangements and wrote that the tractor shaped napkins were very cute. She used a trunk full of cars and also her decoration box to complete the whole. She arranged a pool for the entertainment of the kids. Caution tape and digger toothpicks were used for the theme. Mira decorated the backdrop online along with the pun-intended signboards.

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To give a smart look to the party, Mira used the tassels and the leftover things from the last time. She matched the color combinations perfectly and everything looked cute. The food was also arranged making them perfectly suit with the theme.

Sharing the pictures on Instagram, Mira wrote, “Another Quarantine Birthday. After planning a detailed, game intensive and theme-packed birthday for the lady of the house, I was quite lazy to get up and do yet another one in ten days! But nothing like Pinterest and good old mom-guilt to get you right back on your toes to start all over again. Buddy boy is obsessed with anything that goes vroom: trucks, bikes, tractors, cars, fire engines and his most favourite the JCB Digger. You can catch him in the hot summer afternoon playing with his trucks in the mud totally and utterly in a state of bliss. So this theme combined his love for both vehicles and construction (also because it was just easier to widen the theme basket a bit and I was in love with the tractor shaped napkins.”

Published by Ricky Tandon on 30 Sep 2020

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