Mira Rajput Plans A Detox Fast But Shahid Can’t Believe That His Wife Would Need Any Kind Of Cleanse

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 09 Apr 2021

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput had shared with her buffs and admirers that she is making plans for a “seasonal detox” through fasting. Mira is ready to fast during the upcoming Navratri. But her darling hubby, Shahid Kapoor cannot trust that wifey Mira would require any type of detox at all.

Shahid was among the first ones to react to her Instagram post, wondering if she needs the detox at all. The star wife posted a video recording in which she discussed her ideas on getting detoxed.

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“Hey guys! So I am planning to do a seasonal cleanse for this season change. It is kind of like, my version of the traditional Navratra fast. But I have taken to it for its health benefits and its detox qualities. It is called Not so fast,” she added.

Mira also disclosed that she has never observed fast for the longer period. She stated that this time, the dates of her fast match with those of the Navratri–beginning April 13.

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She captioned the post as, “Going LIVE tomorrow! #NotSoFast Modern day fasting for a seasonal cleanse See you guys LIVE tomorrow at 8PM as I chat with @sudhindrauppoor on seasonal fasting and how you all can join me in doing an easy 9 day detox with my initiative called #NotSoFast! #NotSoFast is a super easy follow along plan that you can do yourselves right at home, with me, by following my Stories! Navratra is basically getting a glam makeover – we can all self-detox and #staycool.”

She also talked about the subjects she would focus on during her interaction. She penned that she will talk on why seasonal fasting is vital and significant, all the advantages and outcomes (Trust me they’re next level), all the rules to keep an eye on with ease (Dummy’s guide to fasting), speedy indication for the 9-day detox.

She also said her fans to get ready with all their queries, tips and tricks ready.

After reading all this, an elated hubby Shahid commented, “Why would someone that pretty even need a cleanse.” A fan responded to him with, “@shahidkapoor bcoz she is meera kapoor.” Another buff wrote, “Really appreciate your so relatable posts …. all your interviews were so informative..will surely login tomorrow to watch your latest… all the best.”

Shahid and Mira tied the nuptial knot in the year 2015 and got gifted with two kids – Misha and Zain.

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