Mohit Hussein treat the fans with posting an adorable picture of the baby boy

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 23 May 2019

Being a parent is one of the best feelings in the world and for the fathers, it is a great moment of pride and joy altogether. The fathers do everything for their little ones and when their little ones are inside the bump they take good care of the moms. All those pregnancy days, a couple of dreams of holding your child’s hand and finally be able to touch her finally came true for Mohit and Chhavi Hussein. After ten months of the pregnancy, their baby finally arrived.

Ever since the baby was born, the fans were waiting for the picture to be uploaded by the couple on their respective social media handle. Finally, Mohit took on his Instagram and posted an adorable picture of the baby and he also wrote a heartfelt caption with it expressing how excited and happy he is to be a father again.

Mohit wrote in the caption, “Long road ahead before he will fit into all things mine and the process is going to be exciting. Each day will bring a new challenge and each day will also bring new joys. Look forward to the challenging joys of the present and future. #fatherhood #fatherson #tinytots #newborn #newbeginnings #parenthood #challange #joy #BabyArham #Arham #mohithussein.”

In one of her posts during her nine months of the pregnancy journey, Chhavi shared a picture and cleared some myths about the pregnancy in the caption and she wrote, “I’ve been reading all comments on my recent posts and really want to thank each one of you for the pouring love! However, there are certain myths about pregnancy that I’d like to address today. No. Pregnancy is not an illness unless you make it one specifically by resting and being lazy. Lack of exercise is known to cause a variety of problems in any kind of person. Pregnancy is the time to look after yourself even more than others. Well. For somebody who has never done yoga, it can actually be harmful! I had a slip-disc while attempting yoga with an expert trainer! Is that a chance I’d like to take when I’m pregnant? Hell no! I’m a gym freak, and if I stop gymming suddenly, it will do me more harm than good. Hence, no matter how hard it is, I strive to stay fit and healthy. For people who are generally not exercising, simple walks will go a long way.”

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