Mohit Malik and Additie Shirwaikar reveals their newborn baby boy’s unique name

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Published by Diya Khetrapal on 13 May 2021

Mohit Malik and Additie Shirwaikar welcomed a baby boy a few days back. They have now revealed the name of their son. Ekbir Malik is the name given to their baby by Additie and Mohit Malik. The couple announced it on social media, along with a sweet family photo. Additie posted a reel video in which they reference the name. She wrote in the caption of the reel clip, “What is in a name? Well you are Brave, You are Positive, You are Strong and you are our Strength and all our prayers answered, our Ekbir! We (red heart) You.”

Mohit Malik, at the other end, posted a photo of him and Additie holding Ekbir in their arms, with the nameplate in the foreground. He wrote in the caption of the photo, “My Brave One, You Have Come Into Our Lives during the toughest times the world has seen, giving us so much strength, love, and positivity! You give us a future to look forward to….We Love You Ekbir Malik!”

In an interview with ETimes, Additie revealed the story behind naming him. She said, “Yes, we have named our son, Ekbir. Mohit had finalized a name each for both boy and girl when I was six months pregnant. I loved the name Ekbir for our son. It was a thumbs-up from me right from the time he mentioned the name. It is a Sikh name and means ‘the only brave’. Besides, I love the name Kabir a lot and it sounds similar to Ekbir. For me, the name not only sounded beautiful but also had a beautiful meaning associated with it.”

Additie also informed that they had done pooja and only family members were present for it. They did not even invite the pandit as it was risky for their child. The actress wanted her close relatives and sister to be there too, but they reside in the US therefore, it was impossible. Additie expresses her desire for Ekbir to refer to her as Mai, while Mohit wishes for the little one to refer to him as Baba “as it is a combination of maa and aai and evokes a lot of love.”

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