Mona Lisa Talking Video: Some calls it ‘creepy’, others found it interesting

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 28 May 2019

Have you ever seen Mona Lisa Speaking or Smiling? A YouTube video in which Mona Lisa is talking has been created by the researchers of Samsung AI Research centre in Moscow.

Reports are saying that they have used Deep fake to create a video in which Mona Lisa could talk.

In that video, Mona Lisa could be seen talking, and it also reconfirms that that have reached the tip of iceberg in terms of creating fake videos and utilizing deep fake technology.

Researchers have used single picture of Mona Lisa to create that video and it was discussed in a paper titled “Few shot Adversarial Learning of Realistic Neural Talking of Head Models.”

Apart from Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting Mona Lisa, researchers have created videos of other still pictures such as those of Salvadore Dali, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, etc.

According to one report of motherboard; researchers ran several videos together of talking heads through deep conventional networks and created movements through still pictures.

Though the videos are not very clear and can be identified as fake, researchers have proved that Deep fakes can easily be created through still images.

Deep fakes, a system of creating morphed videos, has been used by a vast network of publishers, and creators of Pornography, and proprietors of fake news.

This video of Mona Lisa has turned viral on twitter while some people are calling it “ cool” and “ amazing” others say it’s “creep” and “scary”. And some found it a mixture of weirdness and cool.

Deep fakes can now be created with still images instead of videos it can pose a problem.

The special video of Mona Lisa talking turned several heads on the social platforms with some calling it as “cool” whilst others mentioned it “scary”. Some found it both.

️Vasy Is My Tampa Bae️ – Creepy but cool.

Michael Arnovitz – I’ve been saying this a lot lately: the future is going to get really weird.

🐉Kayrosis🐉 – So, how long before the Mona Lisa Sex Tape drops? With that image in your head, now remember how many pictures of your kids are on the internet. Yeah… gonna be fun times ahead.

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