Many movies called out by Mumbai Police for misogynist approach, Kabir Singh gets mentioned twice

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Published by Bhavya Shah on 01 Oct 2021

Mumbai Police’s Instagram handle is known for it’s often quirky and sassy take on different issues. The admin of this Instagram page sure knows how to tickle your funny bone and give you a dose of caution at the same time.

In a very recent post that can be seen on the stories of many people, the Mumbai Police page called out many scenes from famous Bollywood movies for their heavy misogynist approach. And that’s not all. Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Kabir Singh got mentioned twice in this viral post. One scene was where Kabir asks Preeti to fix her dupatta in presence of other men while in another scene, he angrily tells a man how she is his ‘bandi’. Click here to check the post.

“Cinema is a reflection of our society. Here are (just) a few (of many) dialogues both our society & cinema need to reflect upon. Choose your words & actions with care – unless you want the law to intervene,” the Mumbai Police captioned the post.

Scenes were included from movies like Dabangg, where Salman threatens to slap Sonakshi if she doesn’t take money, Satish Shah and Naseeruddin Shah discussing how an attractive woman would be ill-treated even if she isn’t eve-teased, in Maalamaal and many more.

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