Mukesh Khanna reacted on Raj Kundra Pornography case, says “Shilpa Shetty should come forward and tell the truth”

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Published by Mohit Kumar Dixit on 25 Jul 2021

Popular bollywood actor Mukesh Khanna has been known for speaking on every major issue for some years. He is also having a YouTube channel where he speaks on several ongoing issues. Recently, the actor reacted on the Raj Kundra Pornography case.

In an recent interview, the Shaktimaan actor says that he didn’t feel that Shilpa Shetty is also involve in this matter but she must have every information about it. He also said that if Shilpa know anything about it then she should come forward and told the officials.

The actor says, “Public is public. They know as much as you guys show. Once upon a time, radio used to tell, now channels and newspapers tell. I am only happy about this matter, let’s get it out. I don’t know if Raj Kundra is responsible or not. Whether Shilpa Shetty is responsible or not, I don’t know and I don’t have to get to the bottom of it. But look at the way the drug angle came to light in the Sushant murder case, the drug angle was not only from Sushant’s time, it was 50 years ago. When you show the news, it becomes breaking news. There seems to be no greater culprit. He may be the only man in the sea.”

Mukesh Khanna also mentioned that Shilpa Shetty knows 120 percent about it. ‘I have no right to speak between husband and wife. I don’t know what their relationship is. I said recently that our industry follows Hollywood. In Hollywood, marriages are less, divorces are more. All this started here also. Shilpa Shetty knows 120 percent about it,’ he said.

The Saugandh actor also said that now Kundra won’t continue the same business like he left his IPL team after coming match fixing into lime light.

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