Mumbai Cops and Netflix India’s Twitter banter is something one should not miss

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Published by Shifa Naz on 31 Jan 2019

People all around the world use this platform to tweet and so does is happening between India’s Mumbai cops and Netflix India are savage. Both of the two professionally different fields account are bestowing tweets on Twitter and they are quite hilarious for us to read.

The conversation session started because of Netflix’s new show which is basically a British sitcom. The Maharashtrian cops used a clipping of the show for promoting the importance of wearing a helmet.

The tweet reads as, “It’s just, safety first.” Always calling it the Best Education.

To retort to Mumbai Cops, one user wrote, “Also we need to ensure people wear the helmet properly, it has to be tightly closed to get benefit otherwise it is not more than a cap which gets blown away.”

But worth noticing response was of Netflix itself and look how they responded, “Riding advice we never thought we’d get but we needed. Thank you Mumbai Police.”

Well, apart from them the tweeps started replying all over and made it a topic of funny conversation, look at some interesting tweets:

One user Rahul Sharma wrote, “Why other people watch TV series: To see something new. Why Mumbai Police watch TV series: To make a Savage post for Twitter.”

Hope you really had a great session while reading this post. For more scoops stay tuned.


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