Naagin 2 actress Arzoo Govitrikar files for ‘Legal Separation’, reveals her husband used to drag her and beat her black and blue

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Published by Mohit Kumar Dixit on 05 Aug 2021

Naagin 2 actress Arzoo Govitrikar has now filed for divorce with her husband Sidharth Sabharwal after facing domestic violence for years. The actress also talked about how she was beaten up by him.

In the year 2019, Arzoo had filed a case against her husband for domestic violence. Now, In an interview with ETimes, the actress told that she is not going to reconcile with him. Finally, she files for a legal separation with her husband Sidharth Sabharwal. The actress mentioned that she is not going to take it lying down.

In the 2019 domestic violence case, Arzoo had said that they both fought over his drinking issues after which Sidharth dragged her to the bathroom and beaten her badly. Speaking with ETimes, Arzoo said, “I want to tell you that he has pulled me by my neck and tried to throw me out of the flat. He has slapped me. He has kicked me in my stomach. There were days when I was beaten up black and blue and I couldn’t come out because I didn’t want my bruises to be seen.”

While talking about domestic abuse, Arzoo told that Siddharth Slapped her for the first time after two years of their marriage and he drifted him apart and keep sleeping in a different room after their child took birth. The actress also mentioned that not only physical abuse, Siddharth also abuses her verbally. He has affected her mental health by using dirty language on her.

The actress also mentioned that she has tried her best to save this marriage but now she couldn’t. She has the CCTV footage of him while beating her as proof. The actress said that she has found out that Siddharth is having affair with a Russian girl. They keep chatting with each other for a long.

When she was asked if her in-laws knew about such abuses. The actress revealed that her in-laws have passed away and her sister-in-law does not want to get into this matter.

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