Naagin, Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani and other fantasy TV shows that were ‘logically way ahead’ than expected

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Our TV industry is full of interesting shows that keep their audience engaged throughout seasons. But when it comes to experimenting with concepts, the makers are behind no one and they come up with something such ideologies that remain too ahead of audiences’ expectations. In this article, we will have a look at some TV shows that went too ahead and left the logic on the back seat.

Pyaar Ki Ek Kahaani

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People started calling this show a very ‘desi’ version of Twilight and people also made some jokes on this show. The story revolves around a normal human being and a 200-year-old vampire and the concept was a little hard to digest for the viewers.

Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum

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This is the only experimental show that the actor Karan Kundra had ever tried in his career. The visual effects of the show were not that great. The concept of turning into a tiger from a human was a quite futuristic concept for all.

Sasural Simar Ka

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This show was not completely a fantasy TV serial but the story plot was slightly confusing for the audience. From people turning into icchadhari naagins and to the main character that can transform into a fly was way ahead than its time.


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This is among the highest TRP-rated show and it has a ton of fantasy characters that the audience can even imagine. The makers of the show tried to make this serial as fancy as possible but the story does lack in terms of engagement.

Zee Horror

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This was one of the most popular shows that always used to create excitement and horror among the audience back then. But when we look back at this show, the visuals of the serial was not that great.

Published by Ishan Soni on 24 Sep 2020

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