When Nana Patekar bailed out Shah Rukh Khan after he was arrested for threatening a journalist with his wedding “sword”

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Published by Rashi Tiwari on 10 Oct 2021

Shah Rukh Khan has been in Mumbai for many years, but he was born and raised in Delhi. He frequently mentions how his ingrained Delhi mannerisms never leave him, especially in
tight situations.

Shah Rukh revealed in an interview that he once challenged a journalist for publishing a rumour about his affair with a co-star. Shah Rukh remarked during Tehelka’s Think2012 event that he had only been married to Gauri Khan for two years while he was filming Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa in 1993.

Gauri became anxious if she had made a mistake marrying a film star, and if she would have to worry about him mixing with female stars now, Shah Rukh told the journalist. Shah Rukh was furious and called the journalist who had written the article about it. While she said it was a joke, he screamed obscenities at her, using some of the most common hate terms used on Delhi’s streets.

Shah Rukh said he knocked on the journalist’s door and fought with the crowd. “I behaved badly terribly. I was imprisoned. As is customary at Punjabi marriages, my father-in-law presented me with a sword. He explained.   To that journalist’s residence, I carried that weapon. ‘Son, you must safeguard my daughter,’ remarked my father-in-law, who is an army officer. Nobody said anything to his daughter, but I believed this was a good weapon because it was sanctioned by the Indian Army,”

He met a young man at the house and stabbed him in the legs with the so-called “sword,” which was actually a “kukri,” a type of dagger. After the incident, he returned to the sets of Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa. A couple cops arrived the next day and took him to the station.

He arrived at the station with his typical swagger, but the senior officer reprimanded him for attempting to sit in a chair. “Baitho nahi!” says the narrator. (Don’t sit.) Khade raho wahan pe Shah Rukh, who was missing his magistrate mother at the time, was advised to “keep standing there” by the officer. He couldn’t receive bail because he was taken in after 6 p.m.

Shah Rukh was given one phone call, but instead of seeking assistance, he dialled the same number and warned him of what he would do to him once he was free. “Saale ab toh jail bhi chala gaya hu, saale ab toh jail bhi chala gaya hu, saale ab to Ab toh nikal ke aauga aur tereko kaat ke jaauga Now I’m going to come out and hack you up),” he said over the phone to the man.

Shah Rukh wished for revenge but was unable to achieve it. Because his “wife was pretty disturbed,” he made the decision to leave everything behind. He went on to add that it was actor Nana Patekar who helped him get out of jail. Shah Rukh and Nana appeared in a film together, Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman, directed by Aziz Mirza and released in 1992.

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