Nargis Fakhri falls while filming a bicycle video

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Published by Aakash Khuman on 27 May 2022

While attempting to shoot a video for Instagram, Nargis Fakhri recently had a serious fall while riding her bicycle. Despite this, the actress got back up and filmed another video the way she had envisioned it. She posted both videos on Instagram along with photographs that showed her smiling despite the fall that she had just experienced.

The event took place when Nargis was riding through the countryside of the United Kingdom with a buddy. In her Instagram post, she described the setting as being at Soho Farmhouse. The first photo showed Nargis giggling as she sat next to her bicycle, which had just crashed into a wooden fence post. She was sitting next to it. The subsequent video showed Nargis riding at a high pace while turning her head to the rear of the camera to display her face. On the other hand, when she was turning around, her bicycle went flying off the road and crashed into the post.

She also tweeted a second photo of herself, this time showing her giggling while sitting on the ground. A second video that she uploaded showed her taking control of her friend’s character and staring back into the camera; however, this time she did not crash. The video was captioned by her, “When you fall (fail), do it with a smile and in style.” But remember to always pick yourself up and keep going! # don’tstop # neverquit. ”

The comments section was filled with fans and friends who were laughing at the post. Lauren Gottlieb, an actress, and dancer responded with “Lmao!!!! You!!! ” Musician Manj Musik wrote, “Dammn Spider-Man, you got nothing on you! “Hope you are OK. While singer Guru Randhawa said, “Omg, are you OK?” “Damn hahaha glad you’re OK,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Your accidents also have style.”

Recently, Nargis made her first public appearance at the Cannes Film Festival in France. She wore a beige and pink Nedo outfit when she walked the red carpet. She shared with HT her reflections on the trip, saying, “I did have pre-jitters, and I was a bit anxious about walking the red carpet since walking for Cannes is a huge deal.” You hope that everything will turn out for the best. You are saying a prayer that you won’t fall or walk on your dress or that nothing else untoward will occur.

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