Naseeruddin Shah says that Dilip Kumar’s wife, Saira Banu visited him, as they were at the same hospital

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Published by Swathy S on 11 Jul 2021

Naseeruddin Shah has spoken up that Saira Banu, Dilip Kumar’s wife had visited him at the Hinduja hospital in Mumbai where Dilip Kumar was also admitted at that time before his death. Naseeruddin Shah was admitted as he was diagnosed with pneumonia.

The actor Dilip Kumar passed away on morning July 7, as he was admitted to the hospital due to breathlessness on June 30. Naseeruddin was also in the hospital around the same time and got discharged on July 7.

As per the reports of the Quint, Naseeruddin Shah had talked to the critic and author Saif Mahmood for Link Legal’s Beyond Law as “(Saira) put her hand on my head and blessed me and said — Sahab was asking about you. I was deeply moved. I wanted to meet him before I left. But unfortunately, the day I left, he also left”.

The actor also revealed during the conversation that Dilip Kumar had once discouraged him from following a career in acting. He recalled his early days as an actor and said that during that time he wasn’t in contact with his parents. But his family found him through Dilip Kumar. Naseeruddin’s family knew Dilip Kumar through Sakina Aapa, Dilip’s father’s eldest sister ‘who used to come to Ajmer, where my father was the administrator of Dargah Garib Nawaz’.

Before going back home, Naseeruddin spent about a week at Dilip Kumar’s house. He recalled that when he nervously approached Dilip to speak his dream of becoming an actor, Dilip replied, “I think you should go back and study. People from good families should not try to become actors”.

Speaking about his experience of working together with Dilip Kumar in 1986 film ‘Karma’, he told “That’s the only time I think I have been nervous while acting in my life. Most of the time, I was too terrified to even approach him, apart from greeting him in the mornings”.


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