Neena Gupta phrases the ‘traumatic’ memory of burning man asking for help 

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Published by Nibedita Goswami on 15 Jun 2021

Neena Gupta, the actor, got her autobiography launch named Sach Kahun Toh by Kareena Kapoor Khan. She calls Kareera an ‘inspiration’ for her excellence as a mother and actor. This was the virtue of Kareena was the prime encouragement for Neena Gupta to take her book released by Kareena Kapoor Khan.

During the launching session, Kareena took up a story to discuss, which was about Neena Gupta and Masaba saving each other’s life while doing Tipu Sultan.

Trailing the same, Neena expresses, “It was a very traumatic experience. So they were doing my wedding scene in the series, Masaba was one-and-a-half years old. We were in a one-room flat. That day Masaba had a little fever. I didn’t take her to the makeup room because the walls were wet. I just wanted her to be within sight.”

Adding further, “I sent the car back, and I brought her at lunch to the studio. I used to wait for the pack-up because I was feeding her also at that time. After some time, they extended the shooting. I quietly sneaked out to go to her and feed her and come back. I reached my room, I picked up Masaba, and I heard a blast. I came out, and after a few seconds, I saw a light man, coming towards me, and all fire on him. Then I came to know that if the first layer burns down, you don’t feel pain. He was coming to me and I was looking at him. He said ‘behen meri madad karo (sister, help me)’. I still remember what I said. I said, ‘Main kaise madad karun, mere haath mein bachcha hai (how can I help you, I have a child in my arms).’ That’s what came out of my mouth. And they took me to the main building.”

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