Neena Gupta’s secret towards a beautiful relationship with daughter Masaba

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As the time goes, a lot of people come and go from our lives, but no matter how old we become, there’s one person that we all consider constant in our lives. That is our mother. You always need your mother’s constructive criticism on your work irrespective of your age. A mother teaches you emotional value of everything that is important in life.

No matter where you go in the world and how old you are, you know your mother’s food is the best and nothing tastes the same or even close. A mother always stands by her child in any moment of adversity. A perfect example of a mom like that is Neena Gupta.

Recently, in an interview, Neena talked about her bond with her daughter Masaba and how strong it is. She said that in any relationship, the most important thing is honesty. Neena said that she and Masaba talk about everything, but the line of mother and daughter is always there.

Neena also talked about her relationship with her mother, saying that she is a bit of old school and thus, in a lot of matters, her mother doesn’t provide her advice. She added that other than parenting and work, she prefers her mother’s judgement the best, as she cuts the emotional cord of the mother and sees Neena as an individual.

Neena Gupta’s life has been a tough ride with plenty of ups and downs. Starting with rumors of affairs, her wedding with Shaarangdev and a lot more, her personal life has been no less than a movie. Even after going under so many storms, she has always held her head high.

Neena had made the headlines for her affair with West Indies cricket team captain, Sir Vivian Richards, who was already a married man. However, Neena had fallen madly in love with him, and had given birth to his daughter, Masaba Gupta.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 17 Sep 2020

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