Neeraj Kabi speaks about his new movie ‘Sherni’ and how it plays a significant role in today’s time

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Published by Swathy S on 23 Jun 2021

Actor Neeraj Kabi has currently featured in Sherni starring Vidya Balan directed by Amit V Masurkar. The movie is about the man and animal conflict. It was released on Amazon Prime on June 19 and has earned great reviews from the critics.

Speaking to PTI on a Zoom interview, Neeraj told that “Amit had said he wanted to make films but wanted to learn the craft so that he can direct his actors. When a director says ‘be yourself’, it is wrong to say to an actor because if I am being myself then I am not acting. I am not supposed to be myself, I am supposed to be the character. Similarly, when a director says ‘relax’, I cannot because my character can’t. There are these little myths in the industry. And that is why directors must also learn acting, it is important. Amit did that and it was a pleasure working with him.”

The film not only addresses the conflict between man and animal but it also examines gender dynamics through Vidya’s character. Vidya Balan plays the role of a forest officer, Vidya Vincent while Neeraj Kabi portrays the character Akhil Nangia, Vidya’s senior officer and former mentor in the film.

Neeraj told that the key reason to do the movie was because focusses on the issues faced by the females in both in  animals and in human society.

“In the film, Sherni is also struggling to save herself from man. There is a conflict of Vidya and tigress. It is being used as a metaphor. There are various male characters who are trying to consume her emotionally and mentally. Like, I am becoming an impediment between Vidya and nature, animals and I will play the barrier to the highest level so that Vidya crosses it and becomes the hero” and he further added that the film plays an important role in today’s world as it shows and raise awareness about how nature and humans co-exist.

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