Neetu Kapoor reveals some people trolled for posting on Instagram after Rishi Kapoor’s death

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Published by Aman Shukla on 07 May 2022

Neetu Kapoor has shared that some people have trolled her for posting on her Instagram after the passing of her significant other Rishi Kapoor. Neetu, who lost Rishi two years ago, has become active on Instagram for a couple of months. She is also working on a number of projects, but often gets comments telling her that she should be grieving instead.

Neetu, who has 1.8 million followers on Instagram, told Film Companion, “I do it just because I love it. I enjoy it. I love my followers. I just block the ones who troll me. I just block them. Because you know hote hain thode bahut beech mein ki ‘husband mar gaya, ye enjoy kar rahi hai (there are some who say things like her husband is dead and she is enjoying).’ They want to see that crying widow type. There’s a section of people, but I just block them. I say this is the way I want to be, this is the way I will be.”

She added, “This is the way I will heal. Some people cry and heal, some laugh and heal. I cannot forget my husband. He’ll be here, with me, with my children all our lives. Even today when we meet for a meal, half of the time you’re only discussing him, that is how we miss him. Ranbir still has his picture on his screensaver. That’s the way we miss him, but we don’t have to be sad to miss him. We can celebrate him. We can remember him for good times and what a great person he was.”

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