Neha Kakkar Regrets Breaking Up With Boyfriend Himansh Kohli Publicly, Says He Didn’t Deserve the Hate

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Published by Isha Kataria on 13 Mar 2019

From a quite few months, Neha Kakkar has been vocal about her emotional state. But now she is regretting her decision of talking about it in public. The popular singer recently went through heartbreak with Himansh Kohli. She also made news for her outburst on a reality show where she was all in tears. Neha also revealed that she was going through depression.

Last year, Neha Kakkar and Himansh Kohli parted their ways. And now she blames it all on herself and the mistakes she made. Neha said, “I am a very emotional person. Whatever happened in my personal life in the last few months was very unhappy.”

“I’m regretting the fact that I made my personal life so public. When it’s all happy, then you don’t see any problems. But it is during the bad times that you realize people can be so negative towards you and that shocked me,” Neha adds.

The internet was flooded with heir breakup news. After their breakup, last December, several of Neha’s fans blamed Himansh for being disloyal in the relationship.

“Himansh did nothing to deserve all that [flak]. He was nothing like that at all. Still, he received so much hatred and negative comments on social media,” she says.

Several times this online comments about their relationship affected her so much that she spotted in teary eyes on National Television.

“I would not make the same mistake again, I will not make my personal life public. I have also realized that being a celebrity, there will be negative people and hatred around. But there is so much more positivity. Once you embrace that, you will not be affected by the negative side,” she says.

Nevertheless, in another interview, Neha had mentioned that she is happy again. Kakkar quoted, “Thankfully, I have moved on from this bad relationship. I am really in a happy space now. I have realized that my family is more deserving than anybody else in my life. I am happy with whatever happened because that made me realize the importance of my family members. With this bad experience, I am not open to love again. As I said, I am happy to be single.”

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