Netizens trolled Kangana Ranaut “AGAIN” on Twitter due to her “thought of the day”

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Queen of trolls, Kangana Ranaut again got trolled due to her head-turning claptrap tweets! On Sunday morning, Kangana Ranaut tweeted a thought of the day, she wrote “who isn’t loyal to parents will never be loyal to the nation or to lover, disloyalty becomes an inbuilt trait and starts to feed on our confidence like termites. Loyalty isn’t something others need it is the fuel of our own integrity, most important to live well.” with hashtag thought of the day.

After her tweet, people retweeted it and commented about the gibberish she posted with Netizens massively taunting her.


This is how nitzens trolled her;

This is not the first time that Kangana Ranaut has been trolled for her chaotic tweets or statements. She has been in the limelight for a long time for giving statements about the late Sushant Singh Rajput and talking about Nepotism in Bollywood.


Published by Ishani Yadav on 18 Apr 2021

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