Newcomer Aayush Sharma says he left lost in his initial acting days

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 28 Sep 2018

The newcomer Aayush Sharma, with the support of superstar brother-in-law Salman Khan, says creating own identity is a huge struggle in B-town. Initially, the directors and producers were scared to launch him as an actor, says Aayush.

“A lot of directors and producers were scared of working with me. Everybody used to tell me ‘We would love to launch you but if we go wrong then our relationship with Salman will be spoiled, so we can’t do it’, I was like see me for who I am? There were people who offered me films but I was not too sure about them. My biggest struggle is to find a name for myself and create an identity of my own.”

He was in doubt with his performance in debut movie, “I was launched by my brother-in-law and I was like, ‘What will people say?’ And my wife Arpita told me, even if I am launched by any other production house, people will say Salman got me this film and nobody will see my potential till the time I prove myself.”

He says it was Arpita, his wife who was his pillar of strength.

“There were days when during my training I would give up and felt ‘I don’t think I have it in me’. The only person who would instill confidence in me was Arpita. She saw potential in me and is happy that I am on the screen today. She is involved in a way but I make my own creative decisions. She is my backbone.”

Aayush is thankful to Bhai for giving him this platform, “My goal is to make him proud. If there are expectations from me, I am glad. People talk about pressure, I can feel the pressure and collapse under it as he is a mammoth of a star. But I refuse to collapse.”

Being the son of a politician, Aayush felt like a lost child in his initial days, “I was never comfortable meeting anybody. I am a very shy and introvert person. I have seen most of the film people on screen and meeting them in person was more like, ‘What do I say to them?”

“There were times when I used to go to parties and I used to hold Salman bhai or Arpita’s hand as I used to feel awkward. I had my phase of finding my footing, I had to discover myself,” said Aayush.

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