Nikki Tamboli debunks rumors of dating Jaan Sanu says, “he’s not my type, I don’t think I can ever get attracted to him”

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Published by Ruchika Gaurav on 01 May 2021

Big Boss, a reality show which is more than just a show. The show gets on your nerves, that you can’t help yourself from liking a contestant and disliking others. Nikki Tamboli was a participant in BB 14 where she set the bars high with her fashion game in the show and there’s no that Jaan Kumar Sanu was fond of Nikki Tamboli during their stint on Bigg Boss 14. The duo shared a bittersweet relationship on the reality TV show. In a new interview with TOI, the actress opened up on why she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him. Nikki said that even though Jaan is sweet, he is just not her type. 

“I don’t know why people are linking me up. I am absolutely single. I don’t know why people are linking me up. Jaan and I were really close friends inside the Bigg Boss 14 house. But after coming out we are just cordial friends because I could not connect with him. I don’t think he is my type. I think to date a guy, he should be very much mature which unfortunately Jaan is not. I like strong personalities and I feel Jaan is very strong in his own eyes but not in mine,” She said. 

“Jaan’s mother had said a lot of negative things about me in her interviews and even abused me in one of the interviews. So I don’t think I can ever get attracted to him. He is just a cordial friend. But I always want him to be happy and do good in life. I always keep telling him don’t be in bad influence and be focused in life. He also guides me. But there can’t be any dating thing between us because he is not my type,” she further added. 

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