Neha Dhupia Talks About How She Stayed Fit And Energized During Her Pregnancy

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Published by Soniya Kaur on 20 Oct 2018

It’s known to all that Neha Dhupia is in her third trimester which means the month ninth and she continued to work without taking any leave. She is working on her projects without a pause and her talk show is one of them. No Filter Neha is hosted by Neha and she’s busy promoting the show and lately, she has been featured in Helicopter Eela alongside Kajol.

Even after Neha being in her third trimester, she is all energized and glowing during her pregnancy. Neha recently talked about the same and said, “If this is what pregnancy is, I don’t mind giving it a shot a few more times,” she says, with a laugh. “When you are pregnant with your first child, you worry a lot based on what other moms around you have experienced. But I am happily sailing along.”

Neha said you have to decide what’s right for you and then stick to it. Dhupia says the key is to decide what’s right for you and stick to it. “If you are fond of working, power through. But if you feel you need to rest and prepare yourself during the lull before the storm, do it. There’s no set path.”

Amid some tough days, Dhupia has been working every day. “My doctor advised me to continue doing whatever I was doing earlier, be it work, workout, or the food I eat. My mother really put it in perspective, though. She said, ‘Pregnancy doesn’t make you weak. If you are fit enough to give life to someone, you are strong enough to do anything’.”

Neha on talking about her Mental support said her few colleagues were not ready for her pregnancy but still they dived into it. She said, “I was not ready for the Miss India pageant, or to join the movies, or run marathons post the age of 30. The way I look at it, I feel, one of the reasons you have nine months is because it’s God’s way of saying, ‘prep for it’. I haven’t gotten nine months to prep for any role, so I am using this time to prepare for the role of a mother.”

The actress also shoots for an adventure reality show for the first 45 days of her pregnancy with all dangling from harnesses, walked off-road and there her husband Angad Bedi helped her like rock solid and stand tough for her.

Also, throughout her pregnancy, Neha only craved for healthy food.

Neha gave the credits to her Fauji genes that helped her staying all energized and powerup. “Stick to exercises (under professional guidance) that you have been doing before pregnancy and don’t start something completely new. I swim for an hour everyday post 8 or 9 pm, and come home and unwind with TV or web shows. Even though I am getting bigger, I am stronger, and my stamina is better than I had expected it would be. I try to do 60 lengths in about an hour. On days when I have less time, I do 50 lengths in 40 minutes. Pace your workout rather than give it up entirely. The weightlessness in water helps me feel like I still have my pre-pregnancy body.”

Neha believes in Yoga. “Swimming and yoga came to me easily so I stuck to it. I also walked a lot and did wrist weights earlier. But I can’t do that now due to water retention. With my routine, I hope to get back to working out as soon as I feel healthy,” said Dhupia.

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