NYC Woman Discovers A Hidden Apartment Behind Bathroom Mirror; Watch

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Published by Ricky Tandon on 06 Mar 2021

Imagine sensing a cold gust in your home, exploring where it’s entering the house from and discovering a whole concealed apartment in a hole that is positioned behind the mirror of your bathroom.

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This seems to be creepy but that’s all that happened to a woman named Samantha Hartsoe from New York. She has become a TikTok sensation after discovering a concealed room behind her bathroom mirror in her NYC based apartment.

Yes, the woman has documented her scary tale in a four part TikTok series, and it’s become viral all over the social media. In the meantime, it has racked up around 15 million views.

Samantha Hartsoe is a 26-year-old woman from the city of New York. Se began sharing TikTok videos in the month of February and has already amassed around 600,000 followers. In her bio, she said that she loves dancing, escapades and storytelling, but not much is acknowledged about her work or backdrop.

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During the past week, she was only an ordinary individual, but currently, she’s a web sensation after she found a concealed room behind bathroom’s mirror in her NYC apartment.

Samantha came into the public interest after she shared a four-part series to TikTok where she shared the very scary tale of how she discovered a hidden apartment behind her bathroom mirror.

In the first one, she told viewers that her NYC house was always really icy and she wished to try and discover why. After checking a small hole in the wall and an air outlet and discovering nothing, she settled that the wind must be coming from the mirror.

This is where it gets creepy. She then moved the mirror to find a small hole behind it that led to a hidden room.

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