Office is more fun with these Summer Fashion Styles from Bollywood celebrities

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 29 Apr 2019

Frolic Formal: If you have a meeting almost every day and if you are in the corporate world you are asked to wear a well-tailored suit almost every day. A tailored suit in a solid color like black, gray or navy blue can be paired with a white collared button-up shirt which is a classic pairing for men. Women, on the other hand, can pair-up their pantsuit or skirt in the same color such as black, navy or brown with a collared white button-up.

* Smart semi-formal: Wearing casual clothes without looking unprofessional is an art that not many can master. Separates like skirt or trouser with a cardigan can be one choice for women from many such choices which will make you look professional as well as smart. You can pair it with solid colored and patterns like check shirts and more. Men can pick a check shirt or a simple colored button-up with a black dress pant or pressed khakis in the summer.

* Classic casual: For the ones who are allowed to wear casuals at their work significantly have larger and more options of dressing and styling. Casuals though have a drawback as your dress sense is even more judged by the other. For women, there are many great options from wearing simple denim and shirt to wearing a comfortable jumpsuit or a palazzo combo. Men can wear Denim with polo t-shirts and shirts with solid colors or various patterns.

* Footwear: Footwear is like the cherry on the top for every outfit that you wear. Wearing heels to a working place has never been a smart option. You should try and pair your outfits with flats more. But platform heels are the best options that the ladies got for work. It is stylish and comfortable. For men, Oxford, derby shoes and loafers are formal, classy and high on the style equation. A brown shoe will catch more attention and will give depth to your outfit. A Dark brown is an easy pick over light brown. Nothing can beat a pair of black shoes, they are evergreen.

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