Patiala Babes Fame Ashnoor Kaur: I’ve Actually Grown Up On Sets & I’m Still Growing

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Ashnoor Kaur, the beautiful TV actress has made her social media buffs swoon over her grace and warm presence.

The actress is presently donning the character named Mini in the television show Patiala Babes. She commenced her career in the showbiz at the age of 5.

Now, she is 16 years old and she is donning the main role in Patiala Babes.

In a recent media talk, the actress disclosed how she balances her personal and professional life. She shared her experience on TV, the responsibility that comes along with the celeb status and many other things.

From Jhansi Ki Rani to Patiala Babes, the teenage sensation has literally grown up on the sets.

On the same, the cute actress said, “I was 5 years old when I started in Jhansi Ki Rani (2009) to now in Patiala Babes (2020). It’s been a great journey. I’ve actually grown up on sets. From childhood to now my teenage years, and I am still growing. Everyday is an experience to learn and grow. Of course, back then there were different tracks but because I am a sensitive person, I could do the emotional scenes better. Now that the teenage love story is coming up, it’s a new thing for me. I am getting to learn new things with the new upcoming tracks.”

On being asked about changes after Patiala Babes, she said, “Patiala Babes has taught me a lot. I’ve learnt many things from Mini and implied it in my real life too. Mini is always optimistic. I guess she is a symbol of always working hard and fighting back to win what you deserve, to live your own life. Mini has taught me to be practical along with being emotional. It is not about always listening to your heart but using your brains. This show has changed me for the good.”

When questioned about her nervousness with show’s second term, about being received affectionately by the viewers, she responded, “Me and the entire team were very apprehensive about it and had our fingers crossed. Obviously, it was a sudden and big change for any show. It did get a lot of hype when this news came out but the positive side and to our surprise, it did work out very well and it was very warmly received by the audience. I still get messages about how they are loving the track, be it Mini and Neil or Mini and Arya.”

Published by Ricky Tandon on 22 Feb 2020

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