Payal Ghosh was attacked by a few men in Mumbai; decides not to take action against them

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Published by Dishi Ajmera on 25 Sep 2021

Payal Ghosh is an Indian actress and a politician as well. The actress was recently attacked by a few men in Mumbai. They had masked their faces in order to not get identified. She had stepped out to buy essentials, her medicines at night. According to the reports of Hindustan Times the actress said that she could not identify who were those people. She added by saying that, she was so scared that she left the place as soon as she could and is suffering from a minor injury on her left hand.

She further said that there is a swelling on her hand and it will take time to heal. The actress also spoke about Women’s safety and she highlighted the fact that she is been living in the city for about 10 years and nothing has happened till date. Things were not right that day it seems as those people were having a dispute between them and the actress came in the middle of that.

She also made it a point to say that the safety for women is a myth and the laws are of no use. She also said that she is trying her best to come out from this incident and is currently focusing on her career and work. The actress made her Bollywood debut years back and is establishing in her career.

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