Payal Rohatgi on why Kareena Kapoor should not play ‘Sita’, says she has hurt religious sentiments by naming her son ‘Taimur’

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Published by Mohit Kumar Dixit on 09 Jul 2021

Television Actress Payal Rohatgi has reacted to the news of Kareena Kapoor’s fee hiking to playing the role of ‘Sita’. Payal has penned a long note about the same in her latest post.

In her latest Instagram post, Payal Rohatgi penned that Kareena Kapoor Khan should not play the role of ‘Sita’ as she had hurt the Hindu sentiments by naming her child ‘Taimur’. She wrote, “We are hearing the news that Kareena Kapoor has been offered the role of Sita Mata and she is demanding 12 crores for this role. Now if this news is true, then the right-wing people think that Kareena Kapoor cannot play Sita Mata because she has hurt Hindu sentiments in real life by naming her innocent child Taimur, who was a king who murdered Hindus. I agree with their thoughts because the person who can name her innocent child after a Hindu killer, how can she play the role of Sita Mata???”

However, there is no confirmation whether Kareena has hiked her fee or not. When the first child of Bebo and Chhote Nawab took birth, they named him ‘Taimur’. Soon, a controversy erupted as Netizens claimed that Taimur was a cruel emperor who has killed many Hindu people. Reacting on the same, Saif Ali Khan said in an interview, “My wife and I love the sound of it and we love its meaning. I am aware of the heritage of the Turkish ruler—he was Timur, my son is Taimur, an ancient Persian name that means iron.”

Payal Rohatgi also reacted to the statement of Taapsee Pannu on fee hiking by a female star. “Taapsee Pannu has an opinion on this matter where she says that if an actor asks for 12 crores in Nollywood then no one would say anything but if an actress asked for this amount then trolling her is wrong because in Bollywood there should equality between men and women. Because both work equally hard for their role in a film. I agree with Taapsee on this,” she further penned.

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