Pearl V Puri spotted first time after bail, greets paps with folding hands

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Published by Sagarika Patil on 11 Jul 2021

Television actor Pearl V Puri who was recently caught into severe accusations is out on bail currently. Yesterday, he was spotted by paparazzi outside St Catherine’s home in Andheri on the occasion of his birthday. He was seen entering the orphanage, while he greeted the photographers with his hands folded.

Pearl V Puri was arrested a few weeks back under severe charges of rapping a minor on a film set in Vasai, where he was shooting in October 2019. He was granted bail last month. On Saturday, which was also his birthday, he was spotted out in public first time after his bail. Pearl was wearing a white kurta pyjama and a mask covering his half face. Pearl took off his mask and folded his hands to greet the photographers.

After when he was granted bail, Pearl took to his Instagram to make a public statement, he wrote, “Life has its own way of testing people! I lost my Nani a few months back, then on her 17th day, I lost my dad post that my mother got diagnosed with cancer and then this ghastly accusation. The last couple of weeks were gruelling for me like a nightmare. I was, overnight, made to feel like a criminal. All of this in the midst of my mother’s cancer treatment, it shattered my sense of security, making me feel helpless”.

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