In Pictures: Five times Kajol rocked the black saris and looked drop dead gorgeous

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 03 Oct 2019

Despite the new age actresses taking over in Bollywood nowadays, some actresses of past justify the sentence ‘old is gold’. We’re talking about Kajol, who never fails to impress us fans with her style quotient.

Those who follow Kajol are aware of the kind of pictures she shares with her fans, and she does not justify her age. The 45-year-old actress loves the colour black and particularly in saris. Black saris, be it any function or event, will make up stand out like a classic chic, no matter what. So here’s a guide about black saris feat Kajol.

1) Black and Gold

The colours black and gold, when combined in proper way, can give some iconic results just like in this picture. Kajol decided to wear this black and gold saree for a festive occasion and she has stolen our hearts.

2) Black saree with border

Bordered saris are a massive hit and whenever you choose to take on a black saree, make sure you pick the right colour for borders. Take Kajol for example, she nailed this look, with a velvet blouse, and the colours red and green on the border add to the overall look.

3) Printed Saris

Printed saris are another brilliant way of carrying a black saree. Just look at Kajol here, looking that extra bit elegant, with this black saree that has a nice red print. Choose a colour contrasting with black and you’re good to go.

4) The All-Black Look

Beware, ladies, this is a dapper look that when done right will make you look like a goddess. The goal here is to complement the look with nice dewy makeup and notice the laces here in Kajol’s saree? These little details will elevate your outfit to the next level.

5) Floral prints

Another beautiful picture of Kajol where she looks drop-dead gorgeous in this black saree that had pink and white coloured floral prints.

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