Pooja Bedi on Alaya’s dating life: “Every single human is entitled to have a personal life”

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Published by Diya Khetrapal on 09 May 2021

Actress Pooja Bedi has observed how times have changed since she was a celebrity to now when her daughter Alaya has entered the industry. In response to rumors that Alaya is dating Aaishvary Thackeray, she said that it is no longer necessary for an actor to be “projected” in a certain way. She said in an interview that there will still be speculation about Alaya’s private life, without acknowledging or dismissing the rumors.

She said, “In my time, things were so different! You had to be boyfriend-free, a virgin, and unmarried. Today, every single human is entitled to have a personal life. Kareena Kapoor Khan is doing well even after marriage. So, I would say, there’s been a sea change in the industry and it has happened because the mentality of the audience has changed dramatically, thanks to social media,” she added.

Alaya once mentioned in an interview that Aaishvary’s family and her family are very close family friends, and therefore they spend a lot of time together and even have common classes, resulting in the media assuming that they are in a relationship.

Pooja, on the other hand, recently sparked outrage when she suggested that wearing a mask during the pandemic was a form of incarceration. When she posted pictures from Goa and encouraged people to live openly and without fear, she was accused of being entitled and privileged.

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