Pooja Bhatt: “Don’t strip us of our sensuality,” on representation of mothers on screen

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 08 May 2021

On the occasion of Mother’s day, actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt has expressed her thoughts on the representation of mothers in the film and entertainment industry these days. Pooja said that the roles and characters shown with sensuality these days must be retained, she also said she would like for motherhood to not be the only defining trait of the roles written for the screen. While talking to a leading publication she explained  “I think playing a mother has always served me very well. Both Zakhm and Bombay Begums are set in totally different worlds and are about totally different women. As far as portrayals of mothers go, we are taking baby steps in the right direction but have miles to go as far as the perception of the audience and their tastes are concerned.”

Further, Pooja added “Don’t strip us of our sensuality. Mothers should not be portrayed merely as sacrificial women who have tossed their femininity aside to care for their families. My character Rani in Bombay Begums is caring, yet needy and manipulative at times, but above all, she is sensual. She grows along with her teenage daughter and is only able to establish a real connection with her only when she lets go of her own defences and speaks from a place of truth and compassion.” Pooja Bhatt was recently seen in a Netflix project titled ‘Bombay Begums.’

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