Pooja Bisht opens up about her post trauma after breaking up with actor Sharad Malhotra, says, ‘It did distract me a lot’

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Published by Sagarika Patil on 29 Jul 2021

Actress Pooja Bisht was in a relationship with ‘Naagin 5’ actor Sharad Malhotra that lasted for almost 2 years. Although after their breakup, Sharad got married to Ripci Bhatia and the couple seems very much in love. Now in a recent interview, Pooja Bisht has opened up about the heavy baggage from her past relationship with Sharad and how it affected her career in the industry.

In a recent interview with Etimes, actress Pooja expressed how she prioritised Sharad over her work and realised after their breakup that she should have been more focused on herself. The couple got separated in 2018 after dating for more than two years. During that time Pooja had even accused Sharad of cheating on her. To which Sharad had denied the allegations but did accept that he was commitment-phobic.

Expressing her heart out Pooja said, If I love a person, of course, that person will be my first priority. Of course, when I was with him, we had very good terms. More than girlfriend-boyfriend, we were like best friends and most of my time, I invested in him rather than myself. That’s why, when I broke up, I realised, ‘What was I doing?’”

She also said that “It did distract me a lot, the relationship, and the baggage of the relationship which came after the break-up… It’s like everyone is calling you and telling you, ‘Oh, you broke off?’ ‘Yeah, of course, I broke off, what do you want?’ So there was this post-trauma phase also of our relationship. But I think whatever happens happens for good. He is married now, he is happy, I am also happy in my life. I am much more happy because now I am in my own space, I am living the life that I wanted.”

Pooja has worked in movies such as ‘Mushkil’ and ‘Maazii’.

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